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What is traditional wet shave?

A traditional wet shave requires time and effort compared to gel or cream from a can, however, this shaving method is much better on your skin and will give you a better shave. You need to work with a shaving razor, which can be quite scary. Most people prefer the double-edged safety razor with disposable blades. Which blades you use and how often you have to change it depends on the manufacturer and how often you shave. 

Before you use your razor, however, you have to get your face ready, using shaving soap and a brush. Good brushes are made from badger hair, although you can get synthetic hairs, hybrid hairs, boar hairs, and horsehair as well. You should never use these types of brushes with shaving creams or foams, so if you want to have a traditional shave, you will have to stick to a shaving soap or stick as well. 

You use the soap and brush to create a good lather. Rinse your face with hot water first, and then apply the lather to your face. Make sure everything is warm to hot, so that your pores open, your skin relaxes, and your stubble gets softer. Through practice, you will start to learn how much soap you actually need to create a good lather on your face. 

Swirl the lather on your face using circular motions. Make sure your brush isn't too wet, however, as this will make the lather drip. But it shouldn't be too dry either, as you will find the shave painful. It is all about experimentation to find what works for you. When you are covered with foam, you will be ready to start shaving with the razor.