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A Case for Traditional Wet Shaving the Next Trend in 2020

At some point, with the introduction of the disposable multi-blade razor, existing brands that once pioneered the safety razor industry switched from manufacturing traditional wet shaving products to mostly disposable products because they generated significantly more recurring-revenue, high-margin sales. A  safety razor that's made from metal could easily be passed on to generations to come, not very profit-friendly compared to disposable razors. Customer retention is a big factor for a company's bottom line. If people don't need to buy something often, growth becomes tough to maintain. However, the paradigm is shifting back slowly. Traditional wet shaving is coming back into the spotlight once again. Below we expand on multiple benefits to making the switch to traditional wet shaving. We believe these factors easily make the case for its comeback in 2020.


Disposable Multi-Blade Razors Are Expensive

Why do they cost so much? When Gillette spent $750 million to bring the 3-blade Mach3 to the market, it made sure there was no chance for an alternative. They put all their marketing might into re-training existing customer mindset and shifting the shaving market towards a new field. The game was changed, uncontested. If you want to shave, you better play ball and pay the price or... don't shave. Over time, people have forgotten about the old methods. Now, most people only identify with the multi-blade razor for shaving needs. Many probably have never even seen or held a safety razor in their life.


Fast Forward to 2011

Subscription-based shaving companies such as the Dollar Shave Club challenged the tight-gripped razor market by pricing their versions of the multi-blade razor and blade cartridges considerably cheaper. It was like David vs. Goliath. This disruption forced the big brands to re-think their strategy because adding more blades or "comfort" strips and calling it the most advanced razor ever yet again wasn't going to cut it anymore.


You're Still Paying Too Much with Shave Clubs

People are always on the lookout for ways to cut down on recurring expenses. This is hard to do with shaving products because marketplaces you typically go to only shelf expensive multi-blade packages. You could be saving more than $700 over ten years by switching to traditional wet shaving.

Though traditional wet shaving initial investment appears high because of metal constructed razors, the total cost of ownership after 10 years is only $274. Compare that to Dollar Shave Club's $993 73% higher cost than traditional.

Let's break down the numbers, shall we?  

Figures as of March 31, 2019

Men's Soap Company   Dollar Shave Club
Initial Costs


  • $24.95 - Safety Razor
  • $29.95 - Shaving Brush
  • $12.95 - Shaving Soap
  • $00.00 - 5 Razor Blades


  • Shave Butter Travel Size
  • Razor Handle
  • Razor Cartridges, 4 pk
Recurring Costs

As-Needed Basis 

  • $12.95 - Shaving Soap, ~1yr avg
  • $14.97 - 100 Razor Blades, ~2yrs avg

$24.70, 3-Month Basis

  • Shave Butter Full Size
  • Razor Cartridges, 8 pk
1yr Total Cost


  • $12.95 + ($14.97 / 2yr) = $20.43 one-year cost
  • + $69.82 initial cost


  • ($24.70 / 3m ) x 12m = $98.8 one-year cost
  • + $5 initial cost
5yr Total Cost


  • $20.43 x 5yr = $102.15 five-year cost
  • + $69.82 initial cost


  • $98.8 x 5yr = $494 five-year cost
  • + $5 initial cost
10yr Total Cost


  • $102.15 (five-year) x 2 = $204.3 ten-year cost
  • + $69.82 initial cost


  • $494 (five-year) x 2 = $988 ten-year cost
  • + $5 initial cost



Health Benefits for Your Skin

We can all agree now that there is definitely a financial incentive to going traditional. What about health benefits for your skin? Using safety razor, shaving brush, and shaving soap have many benefits including no irritation, bumps, burns, ingrown, etc.

Disposable Razors Safety Razors
  • Designed to pull the hair before it is cut, after which the hair retracts below the skin's surface.
  • There is a chance that hair will grow back curved or in a curl, which often causes razor bumps and ingrown hairs that plague many shavers.
  • Not very easy to clean effectively, as they easily clog between blades and create breeding grounds for bacteria. 
  • Shave the same area multiple times in one stroke, often removing the skin's protective layer in the process. This is not good for sensitive skin, especially.
  • Cut hair cleanly at the level of the follicle.
  • There is little or no chance for razor bumps as hair will grow normally.
  • Simple designs allow for easy rinse and clean between strokes and at the end of every shave.
  • The single blade placement does not create crevices for clogs to form and bacteria to breed.
  • In most cases, one or two strokes with a single blade will be enough for a clean shave, which means less friction, great for sensitive skin.

Aerosol Shaving Cream/Gels Natural Shaving Soaps
  • Chemicals used to formulate the foam are bad for your skin, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Can have long term effect on the healthiness of your skin
  • These chemicals end up in the drain, which is bad for the environment.
  • Not cruelty-free, tested on animals.
  • Made from vegetable, great for your skin.
  • Protects and rejuvenates your skin
  • Not bad for the environment.
  • Natural ingredients are tested on us, not on animals.

Brushless Application Need Shaving Brush
  • Your skin won't get enough protection from hand application because lather needs to be worked into the skin.
  • Hand also cannot adequately penetrate the hair to hydrate and soften it.
  • Hair stays flat on the skin, requiring you to do multiple passes to catch the hair, which doesn't cut cleanly either.
  • The brush makes lather thicker and richer while applying.
  • Coats lather evenly and hydrates skin for better protection from the blade with superior glide.
  • Lifts and softens hair for a cleaner cut, which eliminates the chances of hair getting pulled and cut below the skin surface.
  • Exfoliates skin to help remove dead skin cells.


Better for Mental Health As Well

Taking care of yourself is one of the most fundamental aspects of boosting self-confidence and mental health. These days we are so quick to hop in and out of the bathroom to get ready for the day that we become frustrated before the day even has begun.  How you set your mood from the beginning of the day sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Yes, that's right, traditional wet shaving offers a fun, therapeutic experience. The processes involved encourage you to slow down and focus on yourself for a moment, taking advantage of the time to self-reflect. The whole routine relaxes your nerves, levels blood pressure, and helps start the day with a good mood.


Protect the Environment While at It

Let's face it, we use a lot of plastic. They get dumped somewhere away from us so we don't see or think about it. Out of sight, out of mind, right? The thing is plastic doesn't bio-degrade back into the earth as wood or metal do. Now, imagine all the plastic we introduce to the environment that will exist in the same state for thousands of years. We can't avoid plastic entirely, so how can we deal it in a practical manner? If we have the opportunity to reduce the use of plastic where possible and reasonable, we should. The good news is, traditional wet shaving is a zero-waste alternative for your shaving needs. Safety razors are mostly made from metal that will last you a lifetime and beyond. It uses blades that can be recycled. A shaving brush lasts a very long time, can also be a lifetime investment, if properly cared for. As for the lather, you can get a shaving soap in a puck and melt it into your own mug or get it in a jar that's designed to be reused with a refill puck.


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