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Traditional Barbershops Are Being Replaced by Modern Men’s Salons

Man getting a straight razor shave at a barbershop.

According to census data, there has been a 25 percent decrease in barbershops since 1992 in the United States. However, traditional barbershops are being replaced by modern men’s salons. Yes, they exist. What is a men’s salon, you ask? It’s exactly how you imagine: A place where men are pampered with grooming experience akin to women’s salon. And, yes, it includes manicure and pedicure that some men could really use badly. A barbershop has always been a place for men to establish a sense of connection to their manliness. While the modern take may miss the congregational aspect of the traditional barbershop experience, the nostalgia is kept alive with a new grooming experience for today’s men. Treat yourself to a mini getaway to the barbershop/men’s salon. You’ll walk away renewed, looking and feeling like a million bucks.