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The Quality of Your Shaving Soap Matters Because You Matter

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and the most important portion of the skin is our face. So, why do we neglect it so much? We know many of you experience cuts, razor burns, bumps, etc. and probably think these side effects are normal. They are not.

It's true, we don't like to spend time or money on anything unless presented with instant gratification. Studies have shown that when people are given the option to choose between $10 now and $100 in 30 days, the majority choose $10. This had us thinking, could there be a parallel drawn from such finding in relation to skincare (shaving)? Most quality skincare products generally cost between $10-$30, and they last a long time. Yet, we often opt for cheap, chemical filled alternatives that are bad for our skin. The ramification of using unnatural products is not realized instantly, they slowly creep up over a long period. Just like neglected car paint, over the years, the paint will slowly age, lose its shine, evenness, and beauty.

The ingredients and their quality of your shaving soap or cream matter. The lather from a quality natural soap doesn't just protect your skin from the blade as you shave, it moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin back to balance from skin oil lost during the shave. Use quality natural products, take care of your skin, because you matter.