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DIY Woodworking Project: A Minimal Bathroom Floating Shelf for Your Razor, Brush and Shaving Soap

Let's face it when you're sharing a bathroom with another person, especially a female partner, cabinet shelf space is indubitably nonexistent in most cases. And if the sink doesn't have counter space, what do you do? You'd probably just throw everything in a bag or even bolt on a solid piece of wood and call it a day. Why not take it a little further and display your shaving products on a stylish shelf that's both decorative and utilitarian.

Most shaving shelves you've seen are probably either too bulky or simply not attractive. We took a different approach. Your shaving products don't have to be an afterthought. If done correctly, they can be the focal point, and a well-designed shelf should help to facilitate that appearance.

Our design drew inspiration from the B-2 Spirit. It's slick, minimal, and beautifully designed. The floating shaving shelf was handcrafted from a DIY Oak hobby board and with a few basic tools. Though a band saw was used in some instances, it is certainly not required. One could easily point out better and more efficient methods than the ones utilized for this project. If you're inclined, perhaps you can add to this design.