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7 Ways Cold Showers Improve Your Health and Appearance

Man Taking a Cold Shower

Most people enjoy relaxing with a hot shower. However, you should consider showering with cold water. As it turns out, taking cold showers results in a number of positive health effects. They can also improve your appearance. Here is a look at some of the benefits of taking cold showers.

Mental Health

The shock your body feels when cold water is poured over releases a boost of energy. The sudden movement and wider breathing from the sock lead to a rush of blood throughout your body with increased oxygen intake that jumpstarts the body's communication system. An energized body found to have a high level of noradrenaline, a chemical (neurotransmitter) that is released from neurons when the body goes through a shock.

According to Study, this chemical is also referred to as a stress hormone because "nervous system triggers a response that is commonly referred to as our 'fight or flight response.'" While you may not be stressed out, your body acts on the shock from cold water by releasing this stress hormone so the system is better prepared to deal with it. The stress hormone effects are increased blood sugar, higher breathing rate, relaxed intestinal muscles, and higher blood flow to skeletal muscles (blood pressure), all of which contribute to getting your mind and body going that help to suppress depression symptoms.

Improved Hair

Cold showers will greatly improve the appearance and health of your hair. Hot showers expand your hair's cuticles. Expanded cuticles are much more prone to damage. It also makes it easier for dirt to build up on your scalp. Cold showers have the opposite effect of closing your hair's cuticles. They make your hair less prone to breakage and promote a healthy, shiny appearance. If your hair is colored, cold showers will also prevent the color from washing out.

Healthier Skin

Hot showers cause a number of skin problems. People who regularly take hot showers often experience problems with dry skin. The heat of the water also expands your pores. If your pores are open from hot showers, they are more likely to become clogged. Because of this effect, hot showers often lead to acne or blackheads. A cold shower will keep your skin healthy, clean and moist.

Weight Loss

You might be surprised to hear that cold showers can help you lose weight. The weight loss effects of a cold shower can be attributed to the fact that your body likes to keep its temperature at a certain level. If your body's temperature drops below a certain point, it will burn fat to bring itself back to a normal temperature. Although a cold shower won't burn as many calories as exercise, research shows that regularly taking cold shows can result in the loss of several pounds of fat in a year's time.

Muscle Recovery

The fat-burning effect of a cold shower isn't its only fitness-based advantage. A cold shower can also help your body recover after an intense workout. It is common for bodybuilders or powerlifters to take an ice bath after a heavy lifting session. However, you don't have to be Arnold to reap the workout benefits of a cold shower. Cold showers will help your muscles recover and get you ready for your next workout in no time.

Improved Immune System

Many people associate the cold with a compromised immune system. This notion is actually false. Taking a cold shower increases your body's basal metabolic rate in order to regulate its temperature. A side effect of this process is that your body's immune system becomes more active and produces a higher number of white blood cells. An increased number of white blood cells means that your body is better prepared to tackle any potential infections before you get sick.

Better Deep Sleep

We talked about how the shock from a cold shower can be a destresser at the beginning of this article. The relaxing effects following destressing are like weight lifting off of your shoulder, which helps with falling asleep faster and getting better deep sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or lack quality of sleep, consider taking cold showers before going to bed. 

There are 5 states to the sleep cycle and deep sleep is stage 4. Scientists explain the importance of deep sleep and how much you should be getting. Stage 4 is when all the healing happens when tissue growth and repair take place, cellular energy is restored, your muscles are extremely relaxed, your breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, and brain waves reach their lowest levels. In an 8-hour sleep cycle, an average adult gets about 62 to 110 minutes of deep sleep or 13 to 23 percent of the total sleep.


Although hot showers are very relaxing, a cold shower is much better for your health and physical appearance. They take some getting used to, but once you're experiencing the great benefits of cold showers, you will be hesitant to ever switch back to turning up the heat.